Business Development



NSB POSTECH has a strong portfolio of intellectual property with broad international coverage.

Through licensing, you can have access to our proprietary technology for commercial use.

Benefits of using our NanoCones technology:
   - reduce time needed for developing and commercializing applications
   - reduce cost of learning
   - reduce research development and engineering costs
   - increase competitiveness of your enterprise in the international market


  • YTHX Biotechnology Ltd Co.

    Address : Room1802, International business Park Building, No.1 Shangdixinxi Street, Haidian District, BEIJING 100085, China

    E-mail :

    Tel : +86-10-82893862

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  • Biotools


    Address : Valle de Tobalina, 52 o Nave 39 28021 Madrid - Spain

    E-mail :

    Tel : +34-91-710-0074

    Fax : +34-91-505-3118

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  • TSENG HSIANG Life Science Ltd.

    TSENG HSIANG Life Science Ltd.

    Address : 99-15. Sec. 2, Nan-Kang Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

    E-mail :

    Tel : 886-2-27851156

    Fax : 886-2-27885896

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NSB POSTECH is seeking opportunities to collaborate with partners who share our desire to develop tools to enable personalized medicine.

We are seeking partnerships in the areas of

   - life science research tools
   - drug discovery and development applications
   - diagnostic applications

Please contact for further inquiries.
  • 경북 포항시 남구 지곡로 55, 포항공과대학교 생명공학연구센터 4층 TEL : 054-279-8415FAX : 054-279-8419 경기 안양시 만안구 안양동 전파로44번길 31 3층TEL : 070-8255-8100FAX : 070-8255-8106