What is NSB Technology?  
  Key characteristics  
  SNP genotyping  
  Gene expression profiling  
  Picoforce Bio-AFM  
  SPR spectroscopy  
  Competing technologies do not achieve probe
High non-specific binding and severe
steric hindrance, eventually resulting in low
accuracy and reproducibility
  Control of regular spacing between probes
provides probe homogeneity and results
in high
accuracy and reproducibility

Minimized steric hindrance between probes and
low non-specific binding allow
biomolecules to
mimic solution-phase

A cone-shaped dendron called NanoCone has a well-defined three-dimensional structure and its size can be changed precisely. When this monodisperse molecule is coated on a surface, branches of the NanoCone form stable chemical bonds with the surface of a substrate, and a functional group at its apex is utilized for immobilization of a bioactive molecule. In addition, these molecules are located on the surface having the regular lateral spacing between them which was directly observed by using a high resolution scanning electron microscope (HRSEM). The average spacing was 3.2 ‐ 0.4 nm and density 0.05 - 0.06 ea/nm2. Also, in all of the cases, the spacing was larger than 2 nm. Topographical images obtained by atomic force microscopy (AFM) also showed that the resulting layer was smooth and homogeneous without any aggregates or holes in macroscopic scale.

Therefore, the particular topological structure of the employed NanoCone surface allows the optimal spacing between biomolecules on the surface for diagnosis or bioassay. By choosing appropriate size and degree of branching of the NSB, the spacing can be precisely controlled from 3 up to more than10 nanometers. Also, a stringent choice of chemical structure of its backbone and organic sublayer effectively suppresses undesirable nonspecific binding of various biomolecules.

SEM image of NSB surface and different sizes of NanoCones

* Langmuir 21, 4257 (2005)

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