What is NSB Technology?  
  Key characteristics  
  SNP genotyping  
  Gene expression profiling  
  Picoforce Bio-AFM  
  SPR spectroscopy  

DNA microarrays have made a dramatic impact on gene expression profiling studies. However, this format has not been standardized until now and is still suffering from low sensitivity for RNA (or cDNA) and undesirable variation within a microarray. Therefore, the NSB slide is expected to provide a gold standard DNA microarray with the highest sensitivity and reliability for gene expression profiling.

For comparison with one of the most popular competing slides, gene expression profiling studies were performed using cDNAs reverse-transcripted out of total RNA without further amplification process. As shown in the figure below, NSB slide shows very high sensitivity even using 1 レg total RNA, while the competitor has many missing spots as well as lower signal intensity than the NSB slide. Moreover, the NSB slide maintains a very low background signal for 1 レg total RNA without any blocking agents such as BSA, but the competitor has higher background signal in spite of being treated with BSA.

Figure 1. Fluorescence images after hybridization with cDNAs reverse-transcripted from total RNA. NSB and competitor slides were tested.

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